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Welcome to the AUB Family



Why & who started this ’family program’? 


Well, It was me & I’m Sara. I want to welcome you to our family program.

I am the founder of Adore Us Babies & a part time single mother of 2 little boys.  


I am also a woman who even though it seems like the odds have been

against me in life - have continued to follow my passion of empowering women,

since it seems like women's abilities are slightly underestimated. 

My desire to make a real difference have helped me to never give up. 


My struggle has taught me great lessons - I have realized that the most

important thing we have is the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest

& to do it with the people we truly love


So what is this ’program’ all about? 


Our program is about freedom. You will decide your own working 

hours and the effort you would like to put in. 


Our mission is that you will be able to spend more time on life & your passions

This is a platform where women can earn the level of income they wish to, 

regardless of background, education, or life situation

All you need is a phone & a internet connection. Our program is free of charge & 

no 'bs' like any hidden longterm commitments. If i’ts not for you - i’ts all ok.


However our current family are the proof of while growing your 

home business - you will probably not only improve

your economy but your inner strength as well. 


Alrighty, it all sounds fantastic but why are your products so ’great’? 


We are supporters of the minimalistic life & with a philosophy of spending less but better.

With a high quality & a seriously childish design you can be proud over the AUB products.

Consumption will not stop but you have the power to offer the best possible

products with the respect our mother earth deserves.


(Hrm hrm.. not pointing fingers at other profit focused chains)


Our great team leaders are excited to guide you trough

our proven system with some simple steps. 


The question is - are you ready to have fun, reprioritize a couple of hours

every week & to give it your absolute best while making

a real difference for you & for others?

If so - hit the sign up button! 


Hasta la vista darling. 


/ Sara Svantesson


Ps. If there is something you want to ask before you sign up - send us an email family@adoreusbabies.com 



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