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AUB Affiliate Program

What does it mean to be an Adore Us Mother?

Your task is simple to offer unique products that make a difference for our children & our world doing so while having lots of fun.

Our number one goal is to give you the training & support you will need to reach your goals. Your success is our success. We do work as a family & are not afraid of showing each other love & support.

If it is in person, over Instagram or sending an email to a shop owner it is truly up to you as long as your main focus always will be to create long-term, loving relationships all over the world.

And oh, we forgot. While having an amazing, fun time connecting with other people.

Some practical stuff

What commissions do we offer?

Personal sales bonus

On every product that gets purchased through your referral code or personal link you earn 20% of the amount (Excluding shipping and handling cost)

Customer Discount

As an Affiliate, you are able to give your personal customers a fixed discount of 20% on their entire purchase. So, when you are talking to a potential customer you can offer them a total of 20% discount on their entire purchase.

Once they use your discount code in the shop you will have earned your first 20% in commission (excluding shipping & handling cost)

Monthly Volume Bonus

Affiliates can earn up to 8000 Sek monthly sales volume bonus based on their personal sales volume. The sales volume is calculated by calendar month.

Do you want to inspire other mothers as well?

Do you feel that you became a better person after having children?

Because suddenly you had someone to inspire, to show the way for & isn’t that the greatest gift of life. To give to others.

Build your own AUB family, simply asking them why they love Adore Us Babies, & what kind of financial goals they would like to reach for themselves & their family.

Don’t keep it to yourself.

By being an inspiration & supporting leader to other mothers & as a thank you for letting them know that AUB family is available for them, you will receive 5% on their personal sales volume & if they would do the same. You will receive additional 2,5% from the sales their personal team’s sales volume.  


When you sign up below you automatically agree to the AUB Affiliate Program agreement that you can read here. Once you have applied we will reach out to you to discuss what you would like to achieve by becoming an AUB affiliate. 

Looking forward to hear from you 

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