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Welcome to the AUB Affiliate Program <3

Hi, my name is Sara and I am the founder of Adore Us Babies, I would like to take a minute to welcome you and tell you my story because I believe it will help you better understand what we are all about. 

During the creation of this amazing brand, unfortunately, I realized that I had forsaken myself and my financial situation was dependent on the father of my children. The important work of raising two sons always came second to earning money - I felt powerless and realized how my career, interests and decision power was less valued. 

On top of it all, I have a diagnosis where most of my days are filled with energy, drive, and creativity, while some are bad and filled with a state of emptiness, where the easiest tasks feel like climbing a mountain. This is also why I never enjoyed a traditional 9-5 work. 

So with two sons, an ex-husband, no higher education and a diagnosis, I decided to take the first step towards creating the life that I really wanted for me and my sons - I became the first AUB Affiliate. 

My goal for the program is just that, a platform where women can earn the level of income they wish to, regardless of background, education, or life situation. 

Our program is all about freedom. You will decide your own working hours and the effort you put in - we will support you all the way with a proven system and the encouragement you need to succeed at whatever level you wish to be involved.

When I started as the first AUB Affiliate we did not have a proven system, really we did not have anything besides an awesome product and my burning desire. But through my experiences and help from professionals, we created a system that is proven to work. You only need to follow the steps!

I am still working as an Affiliate, using the same tools as everyone else and every day I am thankful that I decided to take that first step to create the life I want for my sons and me. I hope you are excited to do the same! Becuase I believe, If I can do it - you certainly can.

We have many team leaders who are ready to guide you, join the AUB Family today and start spreading the love by signing up below. 

Ps. If there is something you want to ask before you sign up - send us an email family@adoreusbabies.com

Commission structure

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Successful order Percentage 20%

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